The ultimate celebration! When two people (whoever they are) come together to commit themselves to one another, there are many elements which combine to make it the most important day of their lives. The ceremony itself is one of the most important of those components, of course, and many couples take great care to build a ceremony which honours the love and respect they have for each other as they take their vows surrounded by the family and friends which mean so much to them.

A Wedding Celebrant is unencumbered by the restraints of religious doctrine or the emotional detachment of a purely legal-driven Registry Office service, so he or she can ensure that the powerful emotion of the love which joins those two people can be the focus of the event. Bob’s background in performance, script writing and public speaking means he is perfectly equipped to focus the audience’s loving energy and emotion on the couple, and he takes the greatest care to ensure that the ceremony you settle on will be a true reflection of your personalities and the love you’re bringing to celebrate on the day.

You need a safe pair of hands to take on the responsibility of writing and delivering such an important part of your big day. If you’d like to have Bob look after you, please click here to Contact him and arrange an initial meeting.