Event Host / MC

Up until recently, toastmasters were a common sight at all kinds of ceremonies from weddings to gala dinners. Theirs was a reassurance presence; calm and in control, instantly recognisable in their red tailcoats. As well as guiding the minute-by-minute running of an event to ensure its successful outcome, the toastmasters brought a real sense of ceremony, occasion and gravitas.

Whilst there may not be so many ‘Redcoats’ for hire as there used to be, you can still have the very best MC / Event Host to ensure your special event runs smoothly. Bob Spry is an award-winning performer and script-writer, with over 40 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. As well as being the south-west’s funkiest Celebrant, he brings a unique presence to every occasion. Your guests will gravitate to him as he guides the whole event smoothly from one phase to the next. For example, Bob will announce each of the key moments in a wedding celebration, such as…

  • Assembling the guard of honour.
  • Confetti shower.
  • Call to dine.
  • Welcoming the arrival of the newly married couple.
  • Beginning of the Wedding Feast.
  • Individual speeches.
  • Cutting of the cake.
  • The Married Couple’s First Dance.
  • … and any other key announcements on your day, all delivered with Bob’s trademark gravitas and panache.
  • Bob will also work with your venue operator and suppliers to ensure that any changes or interruptions in the schedule can be seamlessly taken into account and your great day runs smoothly and free of disruption.

If you’d like to discuss having Bob take care of your big occasion, please Contact him to arrange an informal discussion.