Other Ceremonies

Bob’s unique services are not limited to Weddings, Funerals and Baby Namings. Why not shout your big news from the rooftops and give it the spotlight it truly deserves? Bob is a man for the big occasion, so he can help you get the very best from your special event and celebrate it to the max.

Among the many ceremonies which he is pleased to offer are;

While largely superceded by the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, Civil Partnerships are still a preferred choice for some. Whichever feels right for you and your intended, it’s all about sharing the love. In all the colours of the rainbow.

Incorporating this most ancient of rituals into a modern-day service brings a truly emotional element as the couple cement their special bond(!) and make that big occasion even more unique.

Celebrated as a stand-alone event in many cultures around the world, Engagement rituals have a special emotion of their own. Why not make a fuss about your commitment and celebrate in style?

Does your love for one another somehow grow stronger every day? Are you approaching a milestone anniversary? It could be a great time to renew your wedding vows! Why not go all-out and throw a party to involve everyone you care about so they can share your joy?

Welcoming a new member to your wider family and friends is such a great opportunity to share the joy of this momentous occasion. Why not mark the gravity of this beautiful life event by honouring it with a unique ceremony?

Often overlooked amid all the practical goings-on when two ready-made families come together, a Blending ceremony is a beautiful way to make everyone feel welcome in their new surroundings and get to know their new extended family.

While there is often much sorrow when two people go their separate ways, it is not always so. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to celebrate their Decree Absolut with a bash to kick off their new lives. It can be a perfect way to bring positivity to the situation.

Our pets are very important members of the family, and when they pass away it can be as traumatic as losing someone human who was close to you. Pet funerals are a lovely way to pay a lasting tribute to their loyalty and everything else they meant to you.

If you’re planning one of these, or any other kind of ceremony, please feel free to Contact Bob and see how he can help to make your big occasion truly unique and unforgettable.